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Vinyl Trim

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Vinyl Trim

While the overwhelming majority of homes in the US use wooden trim construction materials, when it comes to living in Pensacola a different product is often considered. Where heat and humidity (not to mention hurricanes and other “super storms”) are a significant issue the evidence points to wooden trim construction materials falling short of the mark locally.

That’s why so many people in the Pensacola region have switched over to vinyl trim, the kind of vinyl trim boards that look a lot like wooden trim on the surface but perform significantly better in our local area.

If you’re looking to do work on your property that will inevitably require new trim, consider vinyl trim boards and vinyl siding trim as opposed to the older wooden construction materials used in the past.

What exactly is a vinyl trim anyway?

Vinyl trim is superior to traditional trim in just about every way imaginable, though it can be a little bit more challenging to paint and finish to begin with, this construction material is essentially the same as vinyl siding with a different profile and form factor.

Should I attempt to install vinyl trim on my own?

To be honest, probably not.

Just because vinyl trim looks a lot like traditional wooden trim doesn’t mean that it reacts the same way, can be cut the same way, or is going to use similar installation techniques. Therefore, In the interest of safety and getting the job done correctly we advise using professionals.Make sure that you are working with legitimate professionals that specialize in vinyl siding trim as it can be tough to work with.

Work only with the best vinyl trimming experts

By choosing to work with a company like Re-Side Renovations you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Our years and years of expertise and experience To get the job done under budget and before deadlines
  • Our access to advanced tools and technology to get the job done faster and safer
  •  Our ability to customize vinyl siding solutions to your specific needs so that you get EXACTLY the finished results you’re looking for
Contact us today!

If you’d like to have vinyl trim for your home, simply contact us and we will send out a professional estimate ASAP.

From there we will walk you through the options giving everything you need to make an informed decision on whether vinyl trim is the product for you. Call our vinyl trimming experts today at 850-378-3266.