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Door Installation in Pensacola, FL

Door Installation

Installing a door in your home doesn’t look like the most difficult thing to tackle all on your own at first. But things can spiral out of control pretty quickly, especially if you’ve never installed a door yourself.

Everything has to be level, and everything has to be square or else you’re going to end up with a door that doesn’t work the way it should – the kind of door that sticks, that swings open all on its own, or that never really closes.

These are all reasons why you’ll want to hire the best door installation experts in the area, like the door contractor services of Reside Renovations.

Finding your perfect door has never been easier. Our in-house door design professionals will be able to help you pick and choose exactly the right door for your property.

Thanks to our connections in the industry, we have access to some of the best built doors locally, we can even custom build the perfect door for your needs “and your budget” to give you the look and security you are looking for.

If you already have your door, great! Our experts can fit any door you need installing.

Breaking down the door installation process:

Everything begins by clearly marking EXACTLY where the new door is going to go.

From there, door installation professionals make sure that there isn’t ANYTHING behind the sheetrock or wallcovering that could impair your ability to place a door there (think electrical and plumbing systems).

Once that’s taken care of, our experts will measure twice and cut once, opening up holes in your walls so that your door can be effortlessly fit into them, making sure the door is level before adding all of the security features taking time to make sure that your newly fitted door works exactly the way it should and you’re happy with the result.

What to look for in a Door Installation Contractor
  • Only work with legitimate operations and not some fly-by-night with a pickup truck and a toolbox
  • Choose to hire the most well-respected and trusted contractors in the local area (ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve heard of the installers)
  • Look for professionals that specialize in door installation, this gives you a safety net of confidence that you’ve got the right person for the job.

By choosing to work with our professionals here at Reside Renovations you won’t ever have anything to worry about what it comes to getting your new doors installed safely, securely, and affordably.

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